ULTRAFORCE TOP GAS is designed for use in any GBB or gas airsoft product. This gas will help to increase the overall performance of gas products.

Large 10.5 oz 0.22 Gal Bottle

Shake before use

Silicone Lubricant premixed, Lubricates O rings and prevents Rust and Corrosion

CFC free proprietary Isobutane mixture formulated for 10°C to 25°C

Capacity: 10.5oz

Optimal Operating Temperature: 10C – 25C


ULTRAFORCE TOP GAS is our 12KG mid-power airsoft gas designed to keep your rifle’s muzzle energy under control in warmer climates. It’ll also help elevate the muzzle energy of lightweight plastic pistols in colder weather where it may be too cold for a less powerful gas, such as 144a.

Bottles are available in 600ml large bottles. These bottles also come with an o-ring-friendly polymer fill nozzle. This helps protect fill valve o-rings from damage when filling in cold climates.


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