Gamo Chacal PCP Air Rifle – Compact, Accurate, and Customizable


Gamo Chacal PCP Air Rifle – Compact, accurate, and customizable. Features a fibre synthetic stock and CAT trigger. Equipped with a pressure gauge and sound moderator. Bolt action with multi-shot capability. Ambidextrous design. Scope not included.


5.5 mm (.22) muzzle velocity 220 m/seg

Length 101 cm

Weight 3.1 Kg

Gamo Chacal PCP Air Rifle

Novelty in PCP air rifle by Gamo, the Gamo Chacal PCP, with a fibre synthetic stock, an adaptation of the G-Magnum air rifle and a CAT trigger as its main features. A really compact air rifle with only 1m (39,37 in) lenght.

Incorporates the new CAT trigger, that ensures a millimeter accuracy on the shot with the guarantee of being able to customize the trigger according to our tastes or needs.

It includes a pressure gauge on the end of the air tank to see all time the charge status of our PCP air rifle, plus a precision barrel makes this air rifle perfect for competition with a range of 35 shots.

As an important feature, includes a sound moderator, to make even quieter your shooting sessions.


  • Bolt action
  • Multi-shot
  • With pressure gauge
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock
  • New CAT Trigger
  • Scope not included
  • Includes sound moderator


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