Diana 460 Magnum Air Rifle – Power, Precision, and German Engineering


Diana 460 Magnum Air Rifle – Unleash the power and precision of German engineering. Fixed barrel, underlever system, and Diana precision barrel. High-quality stock, match-type trigger, and exceptional shooting performance.


Diana air rifles. The most powerful and reliable rifle in the world!! Diana has consolidated its position at the forefront of air guns of great power worldwide. Precision, power and sleek lines are the main objectives of this prestigious German company, founded in 1890 and already known for more than 10 million shooters worldwide.

The new high-power-airrifle with fixed barrel and underlever-system. This fixed-barrel airgun sets new standards in terms of precision and range.

Locking by means of a sliding cylinder and direct ball feed enables the highest projectile speeds. The DIANA precision barrel ensures excellent shooting performance. These special features and the high-quality Monte Carlo stock with a ventilated rubber cap result in a top-class air rifle.

  • Based on selected components
  • Diana high precision barrel
  • High-quality Monte Carlo-type stock with rubber pad
  • Match-type trigger
  • The powerful underlever-system



  • 4.5 mm (.177) muzzle velocity 305 m/sg 1200fps
  • Length 115cm
  • Weight 3.75 Kgs
  • Diana Performance
  • Lateral load
  • Honeycomb: Butt stock and forearm
  • Ventilated rubber
  • T06 Trigger
  • Fixed barrel lower lever


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