Gun Cleaning Kit .22 12Pcs



1.【Professional Gun Cleaning Tools】 Include 6 different tools to clean almost all different parts on all guns. They will access to any tiny nook, groove areas easily to clean well while not hurt your devices.

2.【Brush/Brass Jag/Cooper Tips】 Brass brushes works well for removing debris and stains, and they won’t remove metal from the firearms. The thin end is very useful for getting to tight channels, edges.

3.【More Cleaning Application】 This kit is suitable for all guns,you can also use them to clean delicate items. The fine heads can reach places where most tools cannot, and clean well.


(1) 20Pcs Cleaning pellets(Size 6.2*5MM)
(2) 100Pcs Round Cleaning Cloth(Size: 6CM*6CM)
(3) 1PCS Brass Jap(Size 22-40)
(4) 1Pcs Copper tip(.22Cal)
(5) 1Pcs Handle
(6) 6Pcs Aluminum Rod( Size:10CM)
(7) 1Pcs Copper Brush( Suit For.22 Cal


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